TKS! School Trips

We firmly believe that School trips are important and unforgettable in a student's life. That´s why it is there that we focus on a gift for them, a reward for the effort made, a perfect closure of the course, a liberating experience of disconnection and celebration, a final coexistence with the companions and teachers who have accompanied them during entire course.

Our trips are the reflection of our way of life. We are a family literally 3 adventurous and enterprising brothers, who we have spent our whole life dedicated to the education and education of people, who work with passion and vocation and that we take advantage of and enjoy every moment that life puts us ahead.

Our team is undoubtedly key to the success of our trips. It is a young and international team, we do what we like and we surround ourselves with positive and resolute people, able to solve problems with a smile.

Do you want to organize your trip with TKS!?

We organize your trips from start to finish. The accompanying teaching team can relax and enjoy the experience with their students.