Our Team

The founders: We are literally a family, 3 brothers with high training and various vital and professional experiences; we know how to take care of ourselves and how to take care of others. The other monitors: come from outside and speak in English. They are young people who are passionate about sports and contribute to our campers, communication and practice of another language and the richness of showing us other customs and cultures.

Together we form a young and international team, with years of accumulated experience in the world of education and training. We believe that fun and professional work are not at odds. The secret is to do what you like best and surround yourself with positive and resolute people who are able to solve problems with a smile.

Ángel Cámara

The Thinker

Partner and founder of PiensaPiensa S.L., Tarifa KiteSurf Camp and "The best version of yourself". All of them educational and training companies of success. His passion is to help children and adults connect with the resources they carry within them, and thus to shine with their own light. He has worked for 10 years outside Spain in management positions of several multinationals. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish. He is the strategist of the project. Expert in getting the best alliances and offering the client genuine and impactful experiences. Angel will guide you subtly in your process of self-discovery.

Eva Cámara

The Organiser

Partner and founder of La Esfera Viva S.L, Tarifa Kitesurf camp and "The best version of yourself", with an educational and formative work of more than 13 years of experience. He lives in Tarifa since 2008 and works in teaching centers in the area, teaching social skills classes, among other educational and human development projects. Certified therapist, whose passion is to accompany children and adults in the process of learning life, to live fully and trust in our abilities. It is very easy to organize and mobilize large groups. It does not miss a detail. Eva will see to it that everything goes according to plan.

Nacho Cámara

The Coordinator

Actor of formation, educator of vocation and titled like Coordinator of monitors of leisure and free time. Nacho is the soul of the camp, it is able to dynamize, organize and transmit to the participants the natural and relaxed spirit of the camp. The children and young people love him, he has a "gift". If you are close to it you will have fun and you will feel unique and important part of the group.

Gisela Púlido

The Kitesurf Master

Ten times world champion. It is a source of inspiration for all fans of this sport. It is a pride for us that she and her father have wanted to collaborate with our Tarifa Kite Surf Camp project. Do you want to meet the champion?

Axel Kialt

The Instructor

Our star monitor. His passion is the practice of parkour, the campers adore him and find in him a source of inspiration. He is calm, attentive and always ready to teach you some of his tricks. A beautiful person worth knowing.

Celia del Castillo


Our dear instructor. Passionate about sports such as tennis, kitesurfing, snowboarding, makes the younger ones want to be like her. She is attentive, responsible and tender with campers, an important member of TKS !. She is the daughter that all the parents would like to have.