TKS! Kitesurf camp for teenagers, from
13 to 17 years old

Kitesurf Summer camp in Tarifa

TKS! Kitesurfing Camp for teenagers, is an exclusive summer residential camp, specialized in learning Kitesurfing, personal development and languages for young people between 13 and 17 years old. Located in Tarifa (Cádiz), with a bilingual nature, it welcomes campers coming from all over Spain, Europe and other places in the world.

Our partner school of Kitesurf is Gisela Pulido Pro Center. It belongs to Gisela Pulido, a young woman 22 years old, a reference in the sport of kitesurf, who is already 10 times world champion in this sport and has been awarded the title of "Young made of talent". The TKS team! firmly believes that we are all talented. Gisela's success is the result of her attitude towards life, her ability to overcome and knowledge about herself. She has managed to be "the best version of herself" and we want you to get it too.

In TKS! we are experts in combining development and personal growth with learning sports in general and sports "limit" in particular by the synergies that exist between them. All this in a unique enclave like Tarifa, where nature allows us to enjoy the land and sea in its purest state, where creativity flows and people can easily connect with their unique talents and essence.

Training is offered in 2 lines of work:


With the learning of the pioneering and exciting sport of kitesurfing. This sport is directly related to personal development. It is a sport that requires concentration, balance, subtlety, perseverance and inner strength to overcome limits and fears, it requires you to give "the best version of yourself." In addition, other trendy sports are practiced among teenagers, who require similar skills, such as surfing, paddelsup and longboard.

Personal Development program “The best versión of yourself” or Language program

The personal development program is designed for Spanish campers and foreigners who are fluent in Spanish. Foreign campers who do not speak Spanish can participate in the language program (spanish or english classes).

Personal development program

In our camp, we work so that the young people understand the process of personal change that they are experiencing, strengthen their personal strengths and abilities, learn to motivate themselves through their emotional states, face new challenges without wearing down, recognize their own personal resources and know How to use them, focus on stressful situations and ultimately know each other better to be able to be in the world more fully and confidently.

Language program

We offer classes of open and dynamic structure, which attend to the particular needs of the student. Usually, they are focused on pronunciation and conversation, to work on the ability to listen, to deal with everyday situations, to learn techniques that help to lose the shame and to start speaking in another language. A class example could be to visit the local market, the castle, shopping, and also a more theoretical class in the classroom.



How does it work?

  • 3 hours a day / 4 days a week
  • According to previous knowledge, there are 3 categories available: Pre-kite, kite and Pro-kite
  • Instructors of the Gisela Pulido Pro-Center school, exclusively assigned to TKS!
  • Material and equipment of last generation
  • Kite classes are taught in English and / or Spanish, according to camper preferences
  • 24 hours supervision on the beach by TKS staff!

The objetives range from understanding the wind, learning to set up the kite, familiarizing yourself with safety protocols, recognizing the flying zone (up/down wind), lifting the kite, flying the kite ashore and water, body-dragging in water, balances in the table and exit from the water in table, until sailing by the sea, displacements in different directions, iniation to jumps and pirouettes, etc.

Note: There is the possibility to make windsurf instead kitesurf. Indicate in your registration and we will organize for you.

Personal Development Program "The Best version of yourself"

In TKS! We offer a pioneering program in Spain combining the learning of kitesurf with our personal development program, for the synergies that exist between them. It is a sport that requires concentration, balance, subtlety, perseverance and inner strength to overcome your limits and your fears. It is a sport that requires you to give "the best version of yourself".

How do we work?

  • 4 sessions a week
  • Learning of personal, emotional and social skills applied to kitesurfing
  • Hours of skills development program
  • Hours of group-led coexistence
  • With a team of personal development experts
  • Dynamic methodology, experience, cooperative and very fun
  • Each module is designed to achieve maximum performance and enjoyment on the day's kite day

This personal development program is designed for participants to maximize their learning and achieve a greater progression in water, in addition to taking home a set of tools that can be used in any area of ​​their lives.


This program is aimed at foreign participants who do not speak Spanish, whose need is to receive instruction in this language for their training and also for Spanish families who consider it essential for their children to reinforce their English by taking classes during the camp. In both cases, these campers will receive language classes in the morning, while the other campers participate in the program "The best version of yourself".

Our "24 hour in action" language learning program is designed to learn naturally and fun.

How does it work?

  • 2 hours of daily classes x 4 days a week (between Monday and Friday)
  • Classes with open, dynamic and participative structure
  • Emphasis on phonetics and pronunciation
  • Intensive Listening Training
  • Group dynamics of everyday situations
  • Theatrical and relaxation techniques that help to "let go" and lose the shame

+ Activities

In addition to Kitesurfing and languages, we have other activities and excursions planned to complete the agenda of an unforgettable camp.


  • Surf
  • Kayaking (Kayaking)
  • Longboard
  • Paddel Surf
  • Snorkell
  • Karting
  • Paintball
  • Volley Ball, fútbol, basket, ping-pong, frisbee, etc.

Excursions and others

  • Tarifa cultural
  • Excursion to Bologna (Roman ruins, museum, dune and beaches)
  • Excursion to Cádiz, Gibraltar and others
  • Whale watching
  • Concerts and parties
  • Night excursions to the dune
  • Concursos y fiestas
  • Visits Tarifa