At TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp, we looked long and hard for accommodation that offered the facilities we needed and the quality we wanted. At last, we found the perfect place for TKS! campers to stay and have a great time in Tarifa.

A natural paradise

The accommodation we've chosen for TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp is in Punta Paloma, about 10 km. from Tarifa and 5 minutes' walk from the beach. It is part of the Sierra de la Plata and is near to Betis, the Alcornocales Natural Park, and Valdevaqueros beach.

The area is famous for its huge sand dune, which rises above a fine, golden beach, giving it some of the most spectacular scenery in Tarifa. The surroundings are full of lush vegetation, charming coves, and have incredible views across the straits to Morocco.

The accommodation

TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp occupies a private, secure area within Camping Paloma campsite. Separate from the rest of the site, it has lots of green space, is well-protected from the wind, and lies just a short stroll from the beach.

Groups of 4 or 6 TKS! Campers stay in self-contained bungalows, all of which have their own bathroom, a small sitting room with kitchenette and fridge, and a porch, with tables and chairs, on which to relax in the evening.

We assign TKS! Campers to shared accommodation according to their age group and boys and girls are always lodged in separate bungalows.

Camping Paloma has a wide range of amenities, including:

  • Swimming pool
  • Multi-sports area
  • Soccer and basketball court, ping-pong table
  • Spaces for language classes and other activities
  • outdoor and indoor dining areas
  • Supermarket
  • WiFi Internet converage

Multi-sports area

One of the real highlights of TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp is our private multi-sports area, filled with installations that really appeal to all those, especially younger TKS! Campers, who love an adventure: a climbing wall, zipline, fitness circuit, and archery field.

For those who prefer calmer pursuits, there is also an allotment, a petting zoo (piglets, goats, sheep, horses, and even ostriches!), and a potter's oven. In the evenings, its small beach bar is a great spot for older TKS! Campers to hang out with friends, enjoy concerts, and have fun.

Common areas

TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp has full access to the campsite's large swimming pool, ideal for TKS! Campers to coll down and chill out after a long day of activities. There is also a sports court for ball games, where we organise some of the activities on the TKS! Agenda (soccer, basketball, and volleyball) and a ping-pong table.

There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas, both of which have shady locations and are protected from the wind.

The cooking

At TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp, we take eating very seriously and have our own kitchen, with everything necessary to prepare excellent food for TKS! Campers.

Our menu, based on home-cooked, healthy and natural meals, is another highlight of the camp, and we try to cater as much as possible for TKS! Campers varied tastes and to accommodate specific dietary requirements (allergies, etc.)

Most of our dishes are inspired by traditional Spanish cuisine (tapas, paella, tortilla, local fish and meat, etc.) as well as international favourites, like freshly made pizza and pasta, that our campers love.

We take care of the special needs of the participants, such as allergies, food intolerances or others.