TKS! is Tarifa's first, and best, specialised kitesurf camp for young people

TKS! kitesurf partner: Gisela Pulido Pro Center

We chose the best kitesurf school in Tarifa, Gisela Pulido Pro Center to be our partner, because:

  • It belongs to an 9-times world-champion kitesurfer, who is still just 20 years old. Gisela spends time with every TKS! camper and offers expert personal advice.
  • For TKS!, safety is all-important and Gisela Pulido Pro Center ensures safety measures are strictly observed. For example, Gisela Pulido Pro Center has developed its own lifevest, combining optimum floatation with impact protection for users' safety.
  • All our equipment is latest generation and updated every season: RipCurl wetsuits, Dakine harnesses, and Delta C kites, designed by Gisela, let TKS! learn techniques correctly and quickly.

The best equipment

Using top-quality equipment when learning to kitesurf means you can have the most fun possible, in perfect safety.

Gisela Pulido Pro Center and Gisela's sponsors have developed the most advanced equipment to help TKS! campers learn and progress with kitesurfing: RipCurl wetsuits, specially designed for maximum comfort and Dakine harnesses, that let you transfer all the power from kite to board.

But the most important piece of equipment is, without a doubt, the kite. Gisela Pulido has designed a kite that makes learning to kitesurf easy and ensures TKS! campers learn the correct techniques. The Delta C kite is a hybrid model that combines all the advantages of power control with the ease of flight of a C-kite, making it much simpler to find the wind window and harness power. Another vital component is the control bar. Gisela Pulido Pro Center uses a single model of bar, fitted with the latest-generation safety system. The school has developed a teaching method based on variable line lengths. Control bars are fitted with extensions that instructors can adjust, making it easy to grasp the basic techniques of kitesurfing.

The final element is the board. Although any kind of board lets you to sail under a kite's power, Gisela Pulido Pro Center has designed the perfect board to help you start out and progress into free sailing. With them, you can quickly find the best sailing position, as they have been developed to move easily through the water.

All the latest equipment is at your disposal to help you learn and improve, quickly and safely.

Expert instructors

Gisela Pulido Pro Center employs a great team of international instructors, with more than 10 years' experience. All of them are vocational teachers who love sharing their enthusiasm and consider every lesson a personal challenge, letting participants enjoy all the exhilaration of kitesurfing while ensuring their safety.

Gisela Pulido Pro Center has a dedicated team instructors to work with TKS! campers.

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