Our language school

We partner exclusively with English Time Academy, which is run by Nika Aull. The school has spacious classrooms, a range of resources, and excellent teachers to ensure TKS! Campers have fun while they learn. As well as Spanish and English, you can take classes in French, German, and Arabic.

TKS! is one of the few, sport-focused summer camps with a specially designed language programme. We offer English and Spansih languages courses, helping kids and young people learn in a natural and fun way. Our philosophy is ‘learn a language in action’.

TKS! Campers have 2 hours of English or Spanish classes, every day from Monday to Friday, and have the rest of the day to practice with other Campers. Our made-to-measure programme is firmly based on theory, but focuses on practice and experiences acquired during the camp.

English is the official language at TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp, because TKS! Campers come from all over the world, making our groups rich and diverse. Our English- and Spanish-language teachers are all native, experienced professionals who regularly teach overseas students, and have a passion and vocation for education.

Living together is a wonderful way to develop personal and linguistic skills, and build confidence in one's ability to speak another language. It's also a great chance to grow as a person, meet new friends, and stimulate interest in travel and other cultures.

Our English and Spanish language teachers are all native, experienced professionals who regularly teach foreign students and have a passion and vocation for education.

How does it work?

  • 2 hours of language classes, 4 days a week (from Monday to Friday)
  • Open, dynamic, and participatory structure
  • Focus on speaking and pronunciation
  • Intensive listening practice
  • Group dynamics in daily situations
  • Role-playing and relaxation techniques that help to loosen up and break down barriers

Official exams

There is the possibility to prepare for official examinations and to introduce to them , provided that the dates of these tests provided matching your stay at the camp.

We already have 2 cases of success; 2 students from Italy who last summer, prepared the exams with us and pass the official exam DELE. Congratulations!!!