Presentation TKS!

CampSurf & Longboard

TKS! Tarifa Kitesurf Camp, is one of the most exclusive residential & bilingual summer camp in Europe, specialized in teaching surf & longboard to kids aged 8-12. We're located in Tarifa, Cadiz, and welcome TKS! Campers from all over Spain, the European Union, Russia, and elsewhere in the world.

In TKS! we are experts in combining the development and personal growth with the learning of sports in general and sports "limit" in particular by the synergies that exist between them. All this in a unique place like Tarifa, where nature allows us to enjoy the land and the sea in a pure way, where creativity flows and people can easily connect with their unique talents and essence.

The TKS team! believe that we are all talented. The attitude towards life, the ability to overcome and knowledge about ourselves are key to living "in the best version of ourselves."

In our Summer camp, training is offered in 2 lines of work:

  • Sporty

With the learning of pioneers and exciting surfing and longboard sports. These sports are directly related to personal development. They are sports that demand concentration, balance, subtlety, perseverance and inner strength to overcome limits and fears, demand you to give "the best version of yourself."

  • Personal development

In our camp, we work so that the children understand the process of personal development they are living, strengthen their personal strengths and abilities, learn to motivate themselves through their emotional states, face new challenges without being worn out, recognize their own personal resources and know how to use them, focus on stressful situations and ultimately know each other better to be able to be in the world more fully and confidently.

How is our Summer Camp?

Surf & Longboard Program

Both sports are fashionable among the youngest, and they train concentration, balance, perseverance, inner strength to overcome limits and fears, etc.

How does it work?

  • 3 days of surf and 2 days of longboard in the week
  • Grouped by levels according to previous knowledge
  • Qualified instructors and last generation equipment
  • The classes are taught in English or Spanish, according to the needs and preferences of the camper
  • 24 hours supervision on the beach by TKS! staff

The objectives are from understanding the sea, recognizing and understanding the wave zone, learning how to get up and stay on top of boards, navigate the sea, moving in different directions, starting jumps and pirouettes, etc.

We use the game as a pedagogical tool and we intend to start and practice in these sports in a safe and entertaining way.

Personal development program “THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF”

In TKS! we offer a pioneering program in Spain combining surf and longboard learning with our personal development program, for the synergies that exist between them.

How does it work?

  • 4 sessions a week (2 hours a day)
  • Learning of personal, emotional and social skills applied to surf and longboard
  • With a team of personal development experts
  • Dynamic methodology base on cooperative and fun personal experience
  • Each module is designed to achieve máximum perfomance and enjoyment on the day’s sport day

This personal development program is designed so that the participants maximize their learning and achieve a greater progression in water in the case of surfing and land in case of longboard, besides taking home a set of tools that can be used in any area of their lives.


Our "24 hour in action" language learning program is designed to learn naturally and fun. Because of the international character of the camp and because some of our monitors can only speak English, the official language of the camp is English, it is the language in which better or worse we all know how to communicate and it is sure that we all understand.

What do we get in this way?

  • Emphasis on phonetics and pronunciation
  • Intensive Listening Training
  • Developing ourselves in everyday situations
  • Let us go and lose the shame
  • Begin "not thinking" when communicating in another language

Other Activities

In addition to personal development, surfing and longboard, we have other activities and excursions planned to complete the agenda of an unforgettable camp.

Sport activities

  • Kayaking
  • Paddel Surf
  • Snorkell
  • Paintball
  • Volley Ball, football, basket, ping-pong, frisbee, etc.

Excursions and activities of coexistence

  • Cultural excursions to Tarifa
  • Excursion to Bolonia (roman ruins, museum, dune and beaches)
  • Night excursions to the dune
  • Competitions, night games and parties